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A psychologist, life choreographer and visual/sound therapy artist, Mery Zanutto creates a unique experience – at the intersection of body movement, psychology, functional medicine, Japanese  influences, sound therapy and visual/sonic art– in which the mind can be explored, pulled into focus
and trust,  the body harnessed, loved, entering a rhythmic attunment, and the soul  can be
nurtured to individuality and clarity.


 Through an interdisciplinary approach, she examines each client individual needs. Her work
investigates the choreographies of the mind body and soul and how culture, traumas, disappointments, the past, the future, and alternate versions of our own present, provides source material for our gestures, expressions, train of thought and dreams.  The way we inhabit and perform our mind and body in everyday life,  is a question that continues to shape her practice.  By creating  a performance
of sound, sonic art and movement, Mery invites you to address  your needs so that you can learn  to be receptive to your inner landscapes, moulding and shaping each aspect of your being with mastery, creating carefully and consciously a stronger connection with the fabric of you.  07855548378 Romsey

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