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Life is an artistic journey


Art starts with taking an interest in our experience of the world, with being curious about our experiences and learn to grow and evolve into extraordinary human beings.


We all feel something when we look at works of art. Any form of art, from paintings to poetry to sound to pottery, evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist. It has such a powerful purpose to create meaning for the viewer/listener. It’s a great tool for change as well as a wonderful route for self expression.

By looking/listening at art and thinking about what the artist is saying to us through their work we not only get a chance to find thoughts and ideas that mirror our own but we also get to look at the world through someone else’s  eyes encouraging reflection. 


In Mery’s practice, art is explored both sonically (in form of soundscapes) and visually and crated using a fusion approach of eastern and western traditions and cultures, enabling the client to explore their inner landscapes. Mery honours the Japanese cultural heritage from Ikebana to Wabi-Sabi to Haiku to Kintsugi however, in no way she is trying to disrespect tradition or carry out incorrect practices. She will use these approaches as inspirations tools only, respecting the integrity of such culture.

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