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Mery has a 25 year background in established clinical medicine and operative surgery in addition to her masters’s degree (MSc) in High Performance Psychology and her Degree (BSc) in Health Care Sciences-Surgical Practitioner. She is a certified body movement therapist as well as a Clinical Hypnotherapist experienced in mind set techniques. 

Mery’s research has been featured in the British Medical Journal and she also collaborated with
My Recovery App where, with a focus in mindset techniques, she features to help the patients journey to wellness after surgery. Working with some of the best surgical consultants, allowed her to gain great knowledge and understanding about the human mind and body and its conditions. 

She is very passionate about the arts and holds a diploma in Interior design as well as enjoying pottery, creating vessels in her studio in Hampshire.


Music has always been in her soul and even though she started DJing at the age of 18, Mery, now 51 years old, still has turntables to indulge in some spinning sessions whenever possible. 

As a Sound Therapist Practitioner, Mery usage of sound challenges our established ways of understanding and expands our ways of experiencing this medium through the the power of frequency and vibration



Mery Zanutto

BSc Health Care Sciences-Surgical Practitioner

MSc Sport & Exercise Psychology

Clinical Hypnotherapist -Cl. Hyp. 

Body Movement Specialist - Garuda, Stott

Dip HE Interior Design -KLC, London-

Dip HL Sound Therapy (Arts and Health) 

Arts and Crafts - Pottery and DJ-

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