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Mery’s journey though life has always been one of learning, improving and discovering herself . Finding her love and passion for pottery at a later stage of her life, is certainly part of her journey. For Mery, ceramics involves self revelation, acceptance and growth. Working with clay allows Mery to better understand, respect and being in oneness with nature, appreciate ones softness and intuition, learning about stillness, accepting imperfections and learning to let go. 


Mery’s  teacher is Chris Prindl a potter with Japanese traditions and creator of all Nathan Outlaw’s two Michelin star restaurant serving dishes.  Chris was first introduced to pottery by the wonderful Toshiko Takaezu and subsequently moved in Japan and found an apprenticeship with Takao Okazaki in Yamagata. He lived and worked with the Okazakis where he was introduced to many Japanese ceramic techniques and styles honing the skills to express his Japanese sensitivity with clay. 

The combination of Chris’s teaching combined with her intuitive nature to work with clay, enables her to create vessels that are emotionally expressive. 

As well as her sound therapy sessions, Mery offers basic wheel throwing pottery techniques lessons to facilitate her client’s process of self discovery or just to learn and have fun! 

To View some or buy some pottery please visit the Gallery & Store

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