This hand thrown incense holder is a ‘one of a kind’, decorative and functional piece. Created on the wheel using a white stoneware body.


This piece has irregularities in texture and form, as in nature, due to the fact that has gone though  the exciting but risky unusual technique of pit firing: Pit firing is an ancient process where hand built, wheel thrown and burnished ceramics are baked by placing them in a pit on the ground and set fire to them. With this process the pieces seem to have been created by nature itself, by the organic material, of the seaweed, banana skins, copper and many more,  and the element of fire, with its power to transform the surface of the clay into a myriad of different patterns and colours.


Each piece that survives is totally unique. 


Not waterproof 

To clean use a brush or damp cloth

Incense Holder

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