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The Power of Sound, Rhythm and Frequency

 Mery usage of sound challenges our established ways of understanding and expands our ways of experiencing this medium through the power of vibration and frequency

 Sound therapy incorporates techniques such as listening to, reflecting on, and creating sound and art to improve a client’s health and well-being. Immersing people in sound can allow them to more easily express themselves, identify and process difficult experiences, develop social and communication skills, or simply find emotional release.

 Mery’s practice will show the listener the joy of being in the active presence of sound, perceived in its full totality, visually, tactilely, and acoustically.

As each instrument affect the mind, body and emotions in different ways, with Mery you can experience a variety of instruments and sounds in a form of  “sound baths,” which uses Gongs  Tibetan singing bowls, Handpans and drums to guide the listener to an explorative journey within the mind, body and soul. Some approaches are ‘passive’, such as a sound bath or 1-2-1 session, and other approaches are more active/participative such as drum circles or soundscapes. Both approaches are transformative,  leaving the listener to experience a sense of connectedness and peace with the sound rhythm and vibrations and experiencing a gentle journey from Beta  (brain wave-awake state) into Theta (brain wave- lucid dream state). Here the relaxation process takes place, facilitating inner harmony by calming the mind and stopping internal dialogue, rebalancing the mind and body and awakening higher states of consciousness that are conductive to understanding and transformation.

H O M E  V I S I T  S E S S I O N S 

In the comfort of your own home, I will be facilitating the delivery of a therapeutic sound session where you’ll be immersed in the frequency, rhythm and  vibrations of sound with the opportunity to listen, receive, drum and much more,  enabling you to discover your “power sounds” that strengthen, transform, and inspires you.  You’ll be learning the magical space between sounds by focusing on silence, inviting you to make space between the notes of your life to breathe, take in, and integrate beauty, feeling and emotions restoring a sense of harmony and relaxation

T O  Y O U  W I T H  L O V E
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